Essential Oils

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Click on Join & Save

Step 3: Click Join Doterra

Step 4: Make sure the country and language are correct and then hit continue.

Step 5: Fill out the form until it is completed. Also, you can message me with questions or chat live with a rep on my site!

P.S. Choose the Wholesale Customer option [unless you’re wanting to do the business] In that cases, you would choose the Wellness Advocate option. Both are the same price. However, if you want to do the business, I will have mentoring calls with you at the beginning of your journey! The “Enroller & Sponsor ID” box should already be filled for you. But if it is not enter 5937402 in the box.

Choose any of the starter kits that you like and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart. **If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits – you can create your own by selecting the Enrollment Package ($35 in the US or $42 in Canada) and then adding a few items to your cart to begin with by typing them into the field that says  “Enter additional item # or product name.” This will be a more expensive way to order since the enrollment kits have the oils bundled at a lower price and already include the Enrollment Package.**