30 Day Cleanse

The cleanse program I’ve created is a 30 day cleanse program for our Living Healthy Feeling Empowered essential oil & wellness community. This is only open to people in our oils community. You can become part of this community when you enroll with me or someone on our Living Healthy Feeling Empowered team.


In addition, this cleanse is focused on the supplements that doTERRA offers within the Cleanse & Restore Kit.


Here is the protocol we all follow during this 30 day cleanse:


This cleanse runs twice a year but you will have access to the private group right away when you join our Living Healthy Feeling Empowered oil community.
If you are wanting to cleanse right away, then I would recommend that you look at starting with the Cleanse & Restore kit.

When you get this kit it also includes your wholesale purchasing account. This enables you to purchase additional oils, supplements, etc throughout the year at 25% off.

You can head over here to order the Cleanse & Restore kit.

(If in another country you will want to head over here and message me.

Next, choose the wholesale customer option or the wellness advocate option if you’d like to share the oils with others.

Fill in the form and then on the next screen choose the Cleanse + Restore kit.

The last screen will ask you if you’d like to setup a Loyalty Rewards (LRP) order for the next month. This is NOT required but is a great way to earn free product with each monthly order. There is no minimum cost.

You’ll then receive a welcome email from me with some of our team’s content, links to our cleanse FB group, our other team programs, etc!

Love and light-Leah






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